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Perimeter Security

AI Algorithm

The perimeter of each building is the first point of intrusion and requires special protection. Using specialized Thermal & Optical Imaging cameras with an upgraded AI algorithm, we protect our space creating conditions of Real Deterrence.




Sapele Security Solutions

Day and Night

They unobtrusively monitor your premises Day & Night and inform you immediately on your mobile phone about anything important that concerns you, such as whether the package you were waiting for has been delivered or if an Offender is in the back area.


In the event that any would-be Burglar violates your premises, is immediately detected by our cameras, which warn him with a relevant announcement, while activating the siren and the camera lighting, at the same time automatic announcements are made with warning content in Greek & English such as ”move away from the area, the police have been alerted”.


Our cameras send you photos & videos of the incident to your mobile phone, and the 24-hour Alarm Receiving Center, while, they give you the opportunity to speak directly at the point of the illegal act, surprising every sophisticated “Visitor”.
Recent research has shown that the new Artificial Intelligence Thermal & Optical Imaging cameras outperform and effectively counter Crime.

Artificial Intelligence.

 In contrast, unlike ordinary conventional cameras, they contribute drastically to Prevent Burglary and substantially reduce Damage and Crime against Property & Human Life.
Our cameras use the most sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that allows them to separate, focus and classify exclusively people and vehicles, excluding irrelevant moving objects, plants & animals.

Monitoring Center


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