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About Our Company

35 years experience.

The key to our success is that we are the Leading Provider intailor-made Security & Telematics Solutions for more than three decades, with exceptional 24/7/365 Technical Support & Monitoring Services.

Security innovations like intelligent video
analytics and monitoring, you can more effectively protect your premises. Our company specializes in designing and building intelligent
security solutions for your needs.
Residential Security Solutions

What we offer

Our home is our place of safety, with crime numbers constantly increasing, it is essential to provide our property with a high level of security.


Video door phone.

A Modern Video Door Phone System is a necessity, nowadays, for managing visitors in residential and corporated facilities. Simply talk to visitor from the latest touch screen monitor or your smart phone & tablet and allow visitors to access your premises.


Our system controls the desired entrances & exits and collaborates with lifts, barriers, garage doors to provide total physical security of a building. The advanced architecture of the system also provides restricted access internally, that means authorized personnel and visitors can only access specific areas of the facility according to the chosen time schedule.

Perimeter Protection.

The perimeter of each building is the first point of intrusion and requires special protection. Using specialized Thermal & Optical Imaging cameras with an upgraded AI algorithm, we protect your space creating conditions of Real Deterrence.

Monitoring Center


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