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Access Control

Time Management

Our Access Control Solutions provide total entrance and egress control for every property.

In its simplest form can work as a standalone system e. g. to the main door in a residential building. Or, it can be a sophisticated intelligent and intergraded Access Control System that provides total physical security for every corporate and organization environment.




Sapele Security Solutions

Access Control & Time Management

Our system controls the desired entrances & exits and collaborates with lifts, barriers, garage doors to provide total physical security of a building.


The advanced architecture of the system also provides restricted access internally, that means authorized personnel and visitors can only access specific areas of the facility according to the chosen time schedule.


The integration of the system with other systems such as Video Intercoms, CCTV, Fire & Intrusion Alarm systems, BMS and ERPs will allow organizations to applied corporate policies, increase productivity and provide total peace of mind.    



Advance Time and Attendance provided by the system will help corporates to implement procedures and reduce operating costs.

Monitoring Center


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