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Control Room

Monitoring 24/7

The connection of your system with our Center is inviolable because your system communication is seamlessly controlled and done in multiple ways such as WiFi,IP, Gprs, Gsm and with the highest Grade 4 security level.




Sapele Security Solutions

Monitoring 24/7

The excellent logistical infrastructure and experienced operators of our central station ensure the best possible response to any incident 24 hours, whatever happens, we inform you immediately by calling you and sending you Sms & Email messages.


It concerns the smooth daily operation of the system such as activation and deactivation, monitoring the operating hours of the premises and notifying you in case of arming & disarming outside the predetermined hours, or in case of forgetting to arm the system, and anything else concerning the correct and predetermined use of the system.


Identification, confirmation and management of all types of alarms e.g. burglary, robbery, personal attack, fire, flood, power failure, etc. in real time, immediately and efficiently. Confirmation of an actual breach by video verification of the alarm signals and immediate notification to you and the relevant police and fire department.


Detailed information about all possible faults and malfunctions of your system as well as the involvement of our operators for immediate telephone technical support and resolution of faults and technical issues. In all cases the effective and continuous monitoring of our handlers is deemed vital to any security system.

Monitoring Center


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