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Access Control

An access control system is the combination of hardware and software that controls access at entry points, at a secure structure or property.
The purpose of these systems is the selective restriction of access to a place and to manage and grand access for individuals to specific areas.
Beyond security, access control systems have the potential to help companies increase their operational efficiency, implement policies and reduce costs.

Sapele Security Systems designs, installs and integrate access control systems for large-scale applications, including large office buildings and government projects. Integrated and managed using software, provide maximum functionality and security. Also providing professional standalone access control, all-in-one, systems for small-scale applications.

These advanced terminals support multiple access control functions and can link to CCTV system for a wide range of uses in office buildings, factories and more.

A security management platform, with full integration of access control, visitor management, video linkage and elevator control modules, enables multi-linkage software to hardware, like video intercom, cctv, fire alarm, burglar alarm as well as other types of linkage, and time and attendance tracking and reports software, easy to manage remotely.

Sapele Security Systems installs access control systems with state-of-the-art technology, offering security and sophistication.

Anti Shoplifting Systems

An Anti Shoplifting System is a key technology to minimize theft. Sapele Security Systems can provide acousto-magnetic, RF, RFID, people counting technology, antenna systems and more, depending on your needs and customized for your premises.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Sapele Security Systems, with years of experience and the qualified personnel ensure our clients’ maximum security. We offer a variety of wired and wireless intruder alarms, control panels, GSM modules and detectors. Sapele Security Systems, will protect your business or home from unauthorized entry, burglary and personal threat. You will be able to control your alarm system and home electric appliances from all over the world by using smartphone applications on your mobile devices.

In case of burglary or personal threat our Central Monitoring Services will immediately send the authorities to your premises if necessary.
Intruder Alarm Systems can be either standalone by notifying direct the owner, interlocked with CCTV systems for true alarm verification or/and connected to our Central Monitoring Station for 24h monitoring services.

CCTV Systems

Sapele Security Systems™ can offer solutions in the field of integrated surveillance systems, with cutting edge technology, providing a range of products, from Analog High Definition TVI to IP smart technology cameras, supported by reliable, stable and high quality recording devices (NVR, DVR and Hybrid DVR).

The web-enabled surveillance system, allows you to view your cameras whenever suits you, from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our wide expertise in this field, enables us to provide solutions in projects with particular needs which require systems integration and a high level of security.

The CCTV system can be interlocked with other systems (Fire Alarm, Intruder Alarm, Access Control system, Central Monitoring Station etc.), in order to provide a true alarm verification in case of fire, intrusion or unauthorized entry.

Fire Alarms

An integrated fire detection system is an essential element for the safety of spaces that host a large number of people, such as hotel units, commercial, industrial and residential buildings, which must meet fire safety standards to ensure the security of property and human life.

The Fire Alarm system can be interlocked with the Burglar Alarm, CCTV, Access Control and fire extinguishing systems, as well as with fire curtains, elevators, fire exit doors and air conditioning systems in order to prevent fire spreading.

Real time actions by our Central Monitoring Station personnel will raise the level of security and ensure that your fire alarm system is always in optimal condition.

Sapele Security Systems™, designs, installs and delivers Fire Alarm systems, for more than 25 years!

Fog Machines

Can’t see it? Can’t steal it!

In case of intrusion, in a matter of seconds the fluid inside the fog machine vaporizes, obscuring vision completely, with dense and white smoke. The nontoxic smoke does not damage your products and does not leave residue behind. Fog machines are usually installed in to premises with advanced anti-theft solutions for high value goods.
Integration with the burglar alarm systems makes Fog Machine systems more reliable and stable.

Convenience is now smart!

For safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

Sapele Security Systems™ provides smart automation solutions for your home and work space.

Smart technology enables you to remotely control and monitor not only your security systems but also the lighting, central heating, water heater, smart locks, gates and garage doors, as well as many other appliances, simple and from anywhere by using your phone, tablet and any other smart devices.

Smart automation is a very convenient technological advantage as it provides safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

Video Door Phone Systems

Know who’s knocking, even from another location far away.

Video door phones can be used at the entrance of any building. You can monitor who is ringing by using our analog or Wifi IP video door phones to see and communicate with whoever is there even when you are away from home.

Sapele Security Systems, can supply install and support Video Door Phone Systems from small villas to large multi story buildings.